Saturday, 26 December 2015


For those of you who give gifts after December 25 say on 12th night?

Friday, 18 December 2015


Shamelessly bumping OLD cards while I finish this years designs

Here are your #2015 #Xmas #FREE #ECARDs to download and share

though a donation via Paypal would be appreciated since I have a massive health insurance bill due dec 29 ... some of these have also appeared on Fb n Twitter.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

O Virtus Sapientiae

#sapientia #antiphon #hildegardeofbingen #latin #holywisdom

for many Catholics and Protestants its Holy Wisdom Day December 16 / 17

You may be aware of the standard Latin Antiphons but here's a hymn / antiphon created by Abbess Hildegarde of Bingen and yes its one of my #Xmas #freebies you can download it! Its a png file so you should be able to enlarge to match A4 and larger sheets of paper or other materials.

I hope I got the layout right. My aim was to suggest an Interlinear Gloss effect as seen in many manuscripts with the English translation  in a smaller font size in red.

About the translation. Those who know Latin may quibble I could have may the translation more poetic but I was striving to capture or echo both Hildegardes simple elegance and the spirit as well as the meaning hence sudat as works and virtus as excellence.

I choose a uncial font as that seemed to be the closest I could get to the originals.

Hildegarde's scribe probably would have used something closer to a half uncial?


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Saturday, 12 December 2015


The beautiful #botticelli #wemyssmadonna is currently on display at the #agnsw the Art Gallery of Nsw until Februrary.  If you are in or visiting #sydney do see it along with a selection of other #oldmasters!


I have a #card design up on #cafepress  #xmascard #xmas2015 #christmas #julievaux

My Cafe press Xmas Card for 2015

Please visit and share

Thank You

yes there will be some freebie e-cards but next week!

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Text and Pictures TWO

I'm thinking of redoing an old design called BUTCH
#Text and #Pictures
and I'm wondering about how to max the visual irony effect.

Does combining color font and text in unexpected ways mees with your head?

Do People think of cursive or decorative fonts as being more feminine?

Does the use of such on one word create a disturbing image?

Here's one idea I'm thinking about and still refining.

Copyright Julie Vaux 2015

BUTCH has certain ... connotations ...

For contrast here's a link to  the older version

So what do you think ?
Rework it or not?

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Text and Pictures One

#lettering #typography #symbols
Is this text a picture
or suggest images to you?

Yes this isn't suppose to be great art. It's just an image I made for Facebook but let's consider the relation of text and image. 

Our modern ABC script has been in use for centuries and unlike China and those countries that have scripts based on Chinese characters our writing system is not ideographic or pictography bot more or less phonetic with varying degrees fo matching symbol to sound.

However back when manuscripts were often illuminated letters had pictures around or within them especially capital initials and within decades of the development of printing in Europe red ink was used for emphasis and pictures were added to text. 

Ornamental decorative fonts developed at first used basically on frontispieces.

However with modern digital typography we can now mix font types and styles just Within one word or sentence though the choices in Blogger are limited to seven fonts though there are ways around that limit using Unicode and Unihan.

Back to the image graphic I imbedded above and back to the default font 

You probably noticed the use of CHAR and red. 

I was trying to express my state of mind after seeing LOW sales figures and warning my FB friends on my PERSONAL page not my JVartndesign page I was about to vent.

Which brings me back to the first question followed by another.
 Can text suggest images? Or moods?

Is this why text based FB memes are so popular?

I'm going to post some text samples in different font types styles and colors over the next few days. It could be interesting to see how people respond.

Will they Like Share or Comment?

Friday, 27 November 2015


RED BUBBLE HAS 40 % Discount

One of my poster designs !


and there's 20% off everything else!

Please go and shop ?

Friday, 20 November 2015

Purple is a womanist color STILL

Purple is a womanist color STILL and this is more or less a feminist slogan though guys feel free to wear it too as an act of irony!

Nov 21 2015 stickers with this are currently discounted!

Friday, 6 November 2015



I just finished installing the drivers software registration codes etc etc etc for a One by Wacom Tablet. 
 I scored one of the 40 dollar specials at Aldi on Wednesday!

A few days practice with the new pen and some drawings / design to show you!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Diffraction Filter

I've been playing with the Diffraction filter in #gimp.

Here's one result with some color and contrast editing.

Copyright Julie Vaux 2015

This could be fun to experiment with. I suspect merged layers could be a good approach?

Sunday, 25 October 2015

New Connect Color Create issue !

Connect Color Create Issue Two is now on Etsy !

Ten images to complete and color or use as starting points and inspiration.

Come and visit and tell friends about this VERY reasonably priced product!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015



#glyphika #julievaux #digital painting demo,

Two of these images also appear in my ebook Starry Starry Night which now available from #etsy


You can download and use this BG file !
But not the next two!

I created this in #gimp using a random generator and then editing the colors for a dark sky / nebula effect 

N.B. These next two images are copyright 

I next added stars using Supernova 

Copyright Julie Vaux 2015 

A bit too strong ... so back to Supernova adding blue stars with different radii n spoke settings ... and  some contrast too

Not a prefect digital painting and I can think of two or three more edits I could do but a good starter with dark areas for a title possibilities for cropping and more.

I have claimed copyright but feel free to download these for practice files and please consider taking a look at the VERY REASONABLY PRICED BOOK!

Friday, 16 October 2015

Reading is BOOKS and ALSO reading THIS!


Earlier this morning I came across a post on Google plus in which some one was complaining about being boring and reading not being a hobby.

So I've going to bump this but also discuss reading and design!

Just Read on Red bubble

Copyright Julie Vaux 2015 

I find it strange people who websurf claim they don't read because they prefer short posts and images to longer books, e-books or print?

You are reading even if you are web surfing for images because reading is pattern recognition. We call looking at comics and graphic novels reading! 
The earliest scripts like Egyptian hieroglyphs in their oldest form and Chinese Seal script or Sumerian cuneiform were largely pictographic because humans are visually orientated. However most scripts and writing systems evolve towards a mixed form including symbols for sounds or develop a parallel shorthand syllabary or abc  for writing sounds.

Even if you "write" using emojis you read as you perceive them! 

Then there's readability issues. Good design enhances readability. 

Myself I am not a brilliant typographer or calligrapher but I continually experiment to try to achieve a mixture of readability and beauty and being fascinated by scripts calligraphy and typography share things on this glyphika blog and also my jeevee-technozi blog!

So you are reading and maybe you should consider reading longer books too?

It's all patterns images glyphs letters forms READING!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

New JVartndesign Listing on Etsy

JVartndesign on Etsy

#Etsy Again Yes I have a new listing

Starry Starry Night

Inspirations Instruction Images

There's full color Images to Inspire
Instructions on making stars in Gimp and Inkscape
and several pages with black and white template / patterns you can print out to color in or use for your own crafts!

Please come and visit !

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Stars and Polygons are Related

Copyright Julie Vaux 2015

This is one of the illustrations diagrams or infographics or whatever you want to call it from a book I'm working on hence the copyright notice.

It needs one or two  final tweaks to the layout  but I hope it shows how and why polygon and star functions are related in #Inkscape?

Hopefully the book will be available from Etsy next week!

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Starry starry PDF in October

Copyright Julie Vaux 2015
Would you like more detail on how I make star shapes in Inkscape and Gimp?

Coming in October a Downloadable PDF ! Watch for it on ETSY !

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Femme Phoenix

Copyright Julie Vaux 2015

The character for HUANG Female phoenix

See it on gifts at RED BUBBLE

Friday, 11 September 2015

Why You Should Consider My printable pdf coloring book PLEASE

Why You Consider My PDF Coloring Book
% GREAT reasons
and a few other ones

but first ...

MY Coloring book on Etsy


ONE You control the PRINT  RUN NUMBERS

Print as many as you need and want

TWO You pick the PAGES

its a pdf you can control just one page or the lot

THREE You Pick the PAPER

Don't like the stock publishers use ?
You could insert heavier thicker paper in your printer?


Maybe you're a busy teacher parent or art therapist with no time to spend hours editing images ... well you'll find a good mix here

FIVE PROFITS go to the ARTIST not a big publishing company

and some lesser reasons.

We both save money $5 for a whole pdf even if you print pages is cheaper than 30 or 40 and if I issued these as individual pngs I would have to charge far more to guard my income against copyright theft.

Unique original Works

Supporting this issue will bring more

My planned issues for October so far include a star theme and another mixed issue

I think about other crafts

Since I include outlines and dotted outlines you can use these as patterns and inspirations for other crafts ... and just wait until you see the full color inspiration pages on the october issue!

So share the url


Sunday, 6 September 2015



Thank You 

My first digital listing is a set of coloring pages. 

Connect Color Create Issue One 

Saturday, 29 August 2015

where to view my work images opinions ideas and posts online

Saturday, 22 August 2015

A 3 way demo

#Typography #digitaltypography #lettering

Another one of my experiments. I was trying for a different effect but this turned out to be just as interesting!

3  #Font types #arial #timesnewroman #blackchancery
3 different #inkscape filters combined
#crackedlava #darkenedges #roughpaper

and oddly what color the font is turns out to make a difference too!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Blue Gouache effect

I've been busy with a BIG project but to inspire you while I finish that here's a digital doodle!

I drew freeform with the pencil line tool in #inkscape and then added a color fill and gradient of ultramarine blue and then added the gouache filter.
The result actually look more like wet into wet watercolor on a heavy cold pressed paper but I'm thinking my little test might give people ideas for their own digital painting? 

Try this combo for your work and let me know if it works for you?

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Coloring in Question

Some help with these questions please ?
Do you like adult #coloringbooks

Would you like to see my vector generated patterns as black outlines you can add your own colors to?

Copyright Julie Vaux 2015

This is an older work with color and a gradient added but it could easily be edited back to a pure outline so if you like coloring in abstract geometric patterns let me know and if anyone has info about which publishers take subs for books of this type please email me?

Thank you

Friday, 24 July 2015

Playing with near white winter tones

Two experiments with wintry whites tones
One done with #gimp the other with #inkscape in trying to have white on white or as close as possible without using an outline filter or a gradient that might not work after being exported into png or jpg

This png image was done in Inkscape I changed the stroke to a light blue and used a gradient fill with multiple stops to suggest the colors of snow and ice over a unicode generated glyph meaning white.

The jpg was created in #gimp. I wanted to have lots of white in and around the letters  but not a transparent background that might change to black on some screens  so I started with a background texture file / fill then added text and then applied a filter. 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Silent Listen Digital Calligraphy?

#digitaltypography #inkscape #typographicart #julievaux

Silent Listen and 2 Questions 

How long do you think this take to do in #inkscape and how long would it have taken in traditional media?

Can it be called #calligraphy if tis done with a #computer?

Copyright Julie Vaux 2015 
I'm very pleased with this design for a variety of reasons and a primary one is how it demonstrates ... well for me the advantages of #digital #typography using #vector #ojects in an #inkscape workspace.

It could be possible to do this as a piece of #typographicart or rather #calligraphy since part of it would have to be painted or airbrushed using watercolor ink sponges etc watersoluble crayon or pencil  but it would take hours or days including drying time.

By using #inkscape text changed to vector objects and filters I finished this in a couple of hours !

Also it works as conceptual art typographic art or dare I type "Calligraphy" ?

Oh its also available on #redbubble

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Jesus Cares Poster Print

This poster needs some love and PR ... please help by sharing.

I jsut paid offf the mid year bills and now I've been sick for the last two weeks so sick being able just to sit up and type is process

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Inkscape Greens Two

Many of the texture filters used over a solid color or a gradient can be quite painterly!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Love Wins


I'm not saying a word ... just sharing the picture ... this is copyright free share to your hearts content

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Two Designs for people going to #sdcc or other summer # conventions who want or need to make a #cosplay  statement


to view them on clothing samples and do tell and share with a friend or two or three hundred?

Copyright Julie Vaux 2015

Copyright Julie Vaux 2015
Please note there are several style and colors available!

Inkscape Greens One

#inkscape #green #coloredits
(People viewing on a mobile the graphic in this post will display better on a larger screen!)

I'm been thinking about #green and how best to use it in #Inkscape as I plan a new vector graphic.

The png graphic below in the top row has greens that can be found on the #inkscape color bar

The next row shows a simple dark to light gradient applied to the top row colors and the two bottom rows are the top row colors with the greens altered by filters from the BEVEL sub menu.

Hope my "notes" also give you some ideas!

Saturday, 20 June 2015


Yes this is a response to the #CharlestonShooting

Copyright Julie Vaux 2015 

If you have seen this before or are wondering about the copyright notice yes this also appears on my Red Bubble site so  I'm announcing the next sales payment for this or other designs the tithe will be going to Red Cross.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Monday, 1 June 2015

Scattering Leaves Two

I promised I'ld talk more about the Scatter / Leaves filter in #inkscape

First off it works over both letters and objects but differently!

I this first example its the middle layer 

I took the rectangle with the gradient  in the background and then ONLY then applied the filter and then reduced that rectangle in size and then moved it back over the bottom layer all in Inkscape. The lettering was created separately as a final layer .

One of the reasons I created each layer separately was because of this experiment. Applying the filter directly to the text turns the whole text to leaves however if you create a duplicate scatter leaves over that and then do some adjustments with ... its closer to the effect I want 

I also tested Scatter leaves over an Object generated by Unicode the Hanzi / Kanji for Autumn . My first attempt created a pretty pattern but didnt work placed over the hanzi so I used it to create a background file and then I retried Scatter leaves over a Square with a Gradient again with the kanji lowered.

I also tried this header which I found looked better with the bottom layer being a text with a very simple gradient but a different gradient with more steps was used on the duplicate that became the top layer.

The major problem with the Scatter leaves filter seems to be that if you apply it on too large an area or object the leaves just look like blobs of color however used in small areas or as a background you can get some interesting effects especially combined with the  use of Gradient. Expect to do a lot of tweaking of the Gradient though. Edits of the Gradient took the most time for me.

Some of these I will refine further or redo. One idea may lead to a print with an autumn leaf haiku or waka on it. 

I hope I've shared some interesting ideas that may inspire your own better work?

Saturday, 30 May 2015


Here's a Freebie png for you cos its my birthday this weekend !

I declare this public domain but do ask if you use it for a product that s for use please donate to a local charity and link back to one of my other designs ?

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Some Autumn Wabi Sabi

#redweek #sydney #autumn #wabisabi

Its autumn in my time zone. If you like wabi sabi follow the link since there's a larger version on the photo on other items.

Please share and let others know about it. I have a birthday coming up soon.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Ewart art prize entry

#sydney #willoughy #chatswood Heres my entry for the #ewartartprize currently on display at the workshop arts centre laurel st willoughby
Come n see ceramics sculpture prints paintings jewellery all for sale !
FoolsGold Threesome is a set of 3 vases glazed in temmoku n overglazed with a splash n brushing of another glaze creating a green gold effect
Wabisabi with a touch of bling ?

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Red Bubble now has Scarves

#redbubble now has #scarves #sydney #hornsby

Here's a link showing 3 of mine and below my list of suggestions of things to do with them!

These are big squares so

Fold knot and drape them as

Scarves wraps shawls skirts sarongs

Cut and stitch or join one or two  them as

Ponchos tee tunic tops evening wear kimonos long sleeve gauzy blouses wraparound skirts by adding a waist tie

More designs will be available on scarves soon !

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Good News and Thank You

Good news and Thank You Everyone who supported my anzac and gallipoli designs.

The cheque from #redbubble has arrived and hopefully by the end of next week will be deposited and processed so I donate money onwards to Legacy and other charities.

Sorry I have not posted for a while. Your next glyphika post should feature some new scarf designs. I havnt had any blog post ideas cos I've been focusing on scarf designs.

Would really love it if you took another look at my #redbubble designs and let me know which ones you would like to see on scarves while I work on new stuff.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Anzac and Gallipoli Designs 2015

#Gallipoli #Anzac #Sydney #hornsby #Australia #newzealand #turkey #centenary#julievaux 

copyright julie vaux 2015

copyright julie vaux 2015 

I've created these new designs for the #Gallipoli Centenary and for #Anzac Day #2015 in addition to older designs up on #Redbubble.
Don't forget you can change the background color and styles for the tees and some of the other products

#copyright julie vaux 2015

View and buy or at least share ?

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Finding Crosses


#crosses #designproblems #christianart #easter

So Easter is coming and I'm racking my brain trying to PR my Anzac Easter and other designs on Red Bubble and Cafe Press and and trying to find a shortcut to create an interesting cross design.

So I need a background layer cos I'm thinking of doing a Celtic Cross and I create a sampler file a workspace of plus signs from various fonts thinking it would be a good starting ... like I can use node manipulation to turn the plus sign into a cross and have one solid shape but ...

I surveyed 40 different fonts that included plus signs  and most of them used the same glyphs you see to the left and top of this png !

Even many of the ornamental fonts had no crosses or plain shapes!

Okay so they are plus signs but the letter T t upper or lower case didnt work either  sans serif serif etc?

Back to the drawing pad to do what I should have in the first place do a drawing in pencil scan it and color over it or take the drawing break it up into separate repeatable units I can modify in Inkscape .... why all the bother ?

I want websafe colors and sometimes the colors in paintings  ...

Irk I doubt I'll finish a design suitable for sale but I hope I'll at least have an Easter card for friends and social media!

Meanwhile please enjoy and share Last years #Easter designs up on #CafePress

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Discount Sale MY Cafepress Shop

#sale #discount #design

Looking for #easter #gifts or gifts for any occasion?
Before I  remove the rest of the old designs for new stuff until the beginning of march I'm having a discount sale !

All items in this #cafepress shop are discounted!

We have some Easter items and a medley of older pieces with designs available on cards clothing cushions prints gifts etc

Here's a few of my Cafe Press designs 

Know any #ceramicists or #potters! You can get them aprons with this logo !

Come and visit 

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Make Peace Create Copyright Julie Vaux

#julievaux #sydney #design #peace

Copyright Julie Vaux 2015
This #sticker is available on #Redbubble. Check it out along with my other designs

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Satire is not Blasphemy

#Satireisnotblasphemy #jesuischarlie #paris #charliehebdo

I probably should have done this in an angry red?

Saturday, 3 January 2015

J for January

J for January .

Here's what J looks like in various fonts.

Hope it gives you some inspiration for #calligraphy and #typography!