Wednesday, 16 December 2015

O Virtus Sapientiae

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for many Catholics and Protestants its Holy Wisdom Day December 16 / 17

You may be aware of the standard Latin Antiphons but here's a hymn / antiphon created by Abbess Hildegarde of Bingen and yes its one of my #Xmas #freebies you can download it! Its a png file so you should be able to enlarge to match A4 and larger sheets of paper or other materials.

I hope I got the layout right. My aim was to suggest an Interlinear Gloss effect as seen in many manuscripts with the English translation  in a smaller font size in red.

About the translation. Those who know Latin may quibble I could have may the translation more poetic but I was striving to capture or echo both Hildegardes simple elegance and the spirit as well as the meaning hence sudat as works and virtus as excellence.

I choose a uncial font as that seemed to be the closest I could get to the originals.

Hildegarde's scribe probably would have used something closer to a half uncial?


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