Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Good Design Good Writing the Same Rules?

Good Design Good Writing
Do they share rules?

Think about it

Here's some famous design guidelines or rules or principles


or minimalism is good

equivalent to the advice to AVOID EXCESS VERBIAGE?

The Three color rule = Avoid using too many adjectives and adverbs?

Include and Balance your WHITE SPACE

Know when to make a pause? When to end a section chapter or paragraph?


Do lengthy essays begin in blog posts or journal articles?

Should you try to summarize an epic as one illustration ?

Is a giant milk crate pointless even if you claim its ironic pop art of a cultural item?


Okay that one is kinda obvious?

How many design philosophies summarized as rules or principles have you come across that can be applied to multiple media visual social written etc?

Yes I'm being philosophical but its a cold wet afternoon in Sydney!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Whats Glyphika

The next post is the 250th and I'm trying to think of or find something special to share. Meanwhile what's  Glyphika ?

The major them is Calligraphy and Typography but  I also post reviews of art and design books and discuss certain memes and themes and yes PR my own art.

Related blogs that sometimes feature art posts are  Metousia  Ancient Greece and the Classical tradition  and Technozi Asian culture of the Sinitic sphere.

For this anniversary week I may bump up a few older posts for new followers to check out! 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

My Red Bubble A Reminder

#Fashion #style #redbubble #sydney #design

Just a reminder I have lots of totes prints cards and tees  up on

Share the URL please. I need some sales! I just HAD to buy a new camera cos the old one died ... well it was a decade old ... !

You can also follow my work at JVartndesign  FB Twitter Deviant !