Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Making Hearts from Spirals

#valentinesday#inkscape #spiraltool #hearts #geometry #maths #education

Geometry and Mathematics Teachers you can use Valentines Day to teach about CURVES.

One of several ways to make curves in Inkscape is the Spiral Tool.

If your students don't have this or a similar program they can draw curves by hand.

I set the Spiral Tool to make a very open arc then used Duplicate and Flip Object and then a simple RED Fill. 

If you do use a software you can talk about how the program parameters relate to algebra and then lead the discussion to equations for  CARDIOIDS?

If anyone says ...yes but this is pointless we can download clip art 

NO its NOT because you can teach about how Clip Art is Created!

There are a couple of other ways to make heart shapes without a digital pen or tablet and pen in Inkscape. More about that next time.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Memorial Card

Something personal this time.
I'm sharing 2 e-card so relatives attending a funeral on Monday can download it here.
So #wollongong #wright #hamilton #ecard #lynch #mudge  etc Dear  Cousins

I started with this text and font and added a background actually 3 layers or objects and changing the lettering from black to white to blue in case anyones browser acted out.
There are a few other tweaks and edits.

Hopefully any relative who downloads this will have no trouble printing it out or sharing on the web.

Non Family reading can use it respectfully as a design sample.

A note if I did this on paper or board as a sign I would have had to use white or silver ink or paint and go buy the expensive black paper so the white outline wouldnt buckle the paper when I applied gouache or acrylic.

With a digital design you don't have to worry about whether you used too little or too much water.

Audrey wasn't a painter but "into" music and other things but I don't think given family traditions she would be offended by my using the card as a brief lesson. 

If you are a family member and you know a relative who can't make it Monday do share it with them!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Materials Filter Demo

#inkscape #materials #filter #demo

I was originally trying to make Silver Moons and was testing a base blue gray color as a starter when ...well all of these circles are just  one INKSCAPE FILTER applied over a base color.

I may repeat this with three different base colors or three different shapes to show you how important what goes UNDER the filters is.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Rain Sequence

#rain #digital painting #inkscape

Yes just THREE SVG OBJECTS created and edited in #Inkscape were used!

The #Hanzi for #rain with a color change and a gradient and texture filter.

Then a plain blue square for a background.

Move the hanzi over it and raise to to top and then I exported the misty hills object from a different work and duplicated it changed the size and color and finally flipped one copy and changed the color for a cloud on top.

Finally I will import this# png into #gimp Crop it do one final Color edit and then I may offer it as an reward on #Patreon.

Why not do it in Watercolor? Doing it as a digital painting means I can keep SVG Objects and reuse them in other works and by combining filters  I can have an effect that looks like wet into wet on paper but have it over a solid background! Or change the whole background if I want to redo  it!

I'll let you know when I put the final edit up on Patreon.

Saturday, 14 January 2017


#veganurbanraptors #redbubble #cockatoos

A new range of theme linked designs is going on on RedBubble called VEGAN URBAN RAPTORS
inspired by my visitors the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos !


Visit Enjoy!

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

#Magneto #font #sampler #typography

November last year I HAD to get a new computer and it came with a few new fonts pre-installed.

Magneto was one of them. I like the look of the UPPER case but I think with this font you would have to work with it either all upper case or all lower depending on the text. Probably a good font for Posters or LARGE LOGOS? However large bold letter forms do have certain advantages for what I call typographic art  so watch for experiments !

Saturday, 7 January 2017



#inkscape #blue #colorswathe #colortest #browser #test

Which of these "web safe" colors do you regard as "True Blue"

And will they still be blue posted in different browsers?

That pale streak down the middle of the smaller oblongs is the result of two overlapping gradients

I note in my browser despite one side being darker there's a neutral tint in the middle

and the blue violet looks more purple than it did in Inkscape.

This should automatically appear in Google Plus and I will share it to Twitter later.

As the image includes tints mid hues and shades should be a useful color test of browsers?

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Peace and Rainbows

#inkscape #demo #rainbow #filter #peace

So here's my first sampler for the New Year.
I started with the word peace in a very plain font and a websafe mid green

Tinted retains the greens the most.
Melted adds purple and violet
Warped seems to add both reds and blues.

Hmmm I think I'm sticking to Tinted the next time I get the urge to use rainbow filters instead of gradients.

Finally a question for my followers? What color do you associate with Peace?