Saturday, 28 January 2017

Memorial Card

Something personal this time.
I'm sharing 2 e-card so relatives attending a funeral on Monday can download it here.
So #wollongong #wright #hamilton #ecard #lynch #mudge  etc Dear  Cousins

I started with this text and font and added a background actually 3 layers or objects and changing the lettering from black to white to blue in case anyones browser acted out.
There are a few other tweaks and edits.

Hopefully any relative who downloads this will have no trouble printing it out or sharing on the web.

Non Family reading can use it respectfully as a design sample.

A note if I did this on paper or board as a sign I would have had to use white or silver ink or paint and go buy the expensive black paper so the white outline wouldnt buckle the paper when I applied gouache or acrylic.

With a digital design you don't have to worry about whether you used too little or too much water.

Audrey wasn't a painter but "into" music and other things but I don't think given family traditions she would be offended by my using the card as a brief lesson. 

If you are a family member and you know a relative who can't make it Monday do share it with them!