Saturday, 26 December 2015


For those of you who give gifts after December 25 say on 12th night?

Friday, 18 December 2015


Shamelessly bumping OLD cards while I finish this years designs

Here are your #2015 #Xmas #FREE #ECARDs to download and share

though a donation via Paypal would be appreciated since I have a massive health insurance bill due dec 29 ... some of these have also appeared on Fb n Twitter.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

O Virtus Sapientiae

#sapientia #antiphon #hildegardeofbingen #latin #holywisdom

for many Catholics and Protestants its Holy Wisdom Day December 16 / 17

You may be aware of the standard Latin Antiphons but here's a hymn / antiphon created by Abbess Hildegarde of Bingen and yes its one of my #Xmas #freebies you can download it! Its a png file so you should be able to enlarge to match A4 and larger sheets of paper or other materials.

I hope I got the layout right. My aim was to suggest an Interlinear Gloss effect as seen in many manuscripts with the English translation  in a smaller font size in red.

About the translation. Those who know Latin may quibble I could have may the translation more poetic but I was striving to capture or echo both Hildegardes simple elegance and the spirit as well as the meaning hence sudat as works and virtus as excellence.

I choose a uncial font as that seemed to be the closest I could get to the originals.

Hildegarde's scribe probably would have used something closer to a half uncial?


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Saturday, 12 December 2015


The beautiful #botticelli #wemyssmadonna is currently on display at the #agnsw the Art Gallery of Nsw until Februrary.  If you are in or visiting #sydney do see it along with a selection of other #oldmasters!


I have a #card design up on #cafepress  #xmascard #xmas2015 #christmas #julievaux

My Cafe press Xmas Card for 2015

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yes there will be some freebie e-cards but next week!

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Text and Pictures TWO

I'm thinking of redoing an old design called BUTCH
#Text and #Pictures
and I'm wondering about how to max the visual irony effect.

Does combining color font and text in unexpected ways mees with your head?

Do People think of cursive or decorative fonts as being more feminine?

Does the use of such on one word create a disturbing image?

Here's one idea I'm thinking about and still refining.

Copyright Julie Vaux 2015

BUTCH has certain ... connotations ...

For contrast here's a link to  the older version

So what do you think ?
Rework it or not?

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Text and Pictures One

#lettering #typography #symbols
Is this text a picture
or suggest images to you?

Yes this isn't suppose to be great art. It's just an image I made for Facebook but let's consider the relation of text and image. 

Our modern ABC script has been in use for centuries and unlike China and those countries that have scripts based on Chinese characters our writing system is not ideographic or pictography bot more or less phonetic with varying degrees fo matching symbol to sound.

However back when manuscripts were often illuminated letters had pictures around or within them especially capital initials and within decades of the development of printing in Europe red ink was used for emphasis and pictures were added to text. 

Ornamental decorative fonts developed at first used basically on frontispieces.

However with modern digital typography we can now mix font types and styles just Within one word or sentence though the choices in Blogger are limited to seven fonts though there are ways around that limit using Unicode and Unihan.

Back to the image graphic I imbedded above and back to the default font 

You probably noticed the use of CHAR and red. 

I was trying to express my state of mind after seeing LOW sales figures and warning my FB friends on my PERSONAL page not my JVartndesign page I was about to vent.

Which brings me back to the first question followed by another.
 Can text suggest images? Or moods?

Is this why text based FB memes are so popular?

I'm going to post some text samples in different font types styles and colors over the next few days. It could be interesting to see how people respond.

Will they Like Share or Comment?