Monday, 19 March 2018

March Sinus Pattern

March Sinus Pattern

So how did I make this one.

#gimp #render #pattern #sinus

I then set #sharpen to 97 %

Then applied #polarcoordinates map from top to polar

then #gaussianblur to remove a join mark amd applied Sharpen again

If you open it on a large screen full size you will find it has a pleasing slight graininess that softens it so its not going to induce eyestrain

If you can't right click to download it here you can get it from my Freebies folder on my DeviantArt page.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

March Madness 2018

#marchmadness #2018 #freebie

My latest digital delight made with #inkscape
Two combined filters one from the textures submenu  the other from shadow over #jokerman font

Here's my latest digital delight 
You get to decide whether this goes on #DeviantArt or #Patreon!

How? By making a simple comment on this post and stating briefly why you prefer one or the other .

Whichever site gets the majority of mentions in the first ten comments will be my criteria!

Wednesday, 7 March 2018


#gimp #filters #coffeestain #plasma #demo #freebie #opensource #creativecommons

One can get surprising satisfactory results combining Filters that seem unlikely matches.

In #Gimp under the #filters RENDER submenu theres CLOUD and within that Plasma

Next go to Filters - Decor - Coffeestain
I set the parameters for 5 stains and NO Darken

Then I cropped it a bit and changed it to a square and tiled it using Small Tiles 

you can crop this in half again duplicate the uncropped part and flip and move it 

I declare the files created for this demo to be #creativecommons #opensource 
free for ALL non commercial usage
That means you  can use it for  your own portfolios or workshops or classes or demos  or as part of your own designs but you can not sell the results unless its a fund raiser for a genuine charity
Also please link back to this page or any of my other sites 

Supporting my #redbubble shop would be greatly appreciated !

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Making Mountains Two

#gimp #fractals #digitalart #patterns

Making Mountains TWO

I started out with this pattern generated by #gimp #fractalexplorer

then after some color edits and cropping and tiling I had

Copyright Julie Vaux 2018

Fine if I just wanted a print with a landscape orientation but I need a) to emphasize certain parts of the pattern and b) have proportions that work well on a variety of objects available from #Red Bubble 

Copyright Julie Vaux 2018

So I changed the proportions to a square and finally I created yet another version with a portrait orientation and used the #emboss #filter

Copyright Julie Vaux 2018

Theres also one other version with a slightly different crop I may put on DeviantArt?

I hope like me you can see the triangles and curves as mountain slopes and ranges soaring into the sky? This will be going onto #redbubble very soon!

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Old Dogs

Google Image Search claims this is probably one of the first and oldest images of hunting dogs.

This petroglyph or rock engraving  shows a male archer accompanied by dogs two of whom are attache d to him by leashes . While they have erect ears they are all shown with curly tails perhaps to make it quite clear they are not wolves or jackals. Since this image dates back thousands of years it would appear form the earliest stages of domestication humans wee practising the ART of selective breeding for certain traits.

Rock engraving seems to have been practised more in arid areas and while used on all continenets as an early art form was particularly common or perhpas more easily found in the sahara and arabia.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Making Mountains Part One

#makingmountains #fractals #gimp #digitalart

Over the few few posts I'm going to show you how I turned a standard #gimp pattern from #fractalExplorer into a semi-abstract image.

I selected a blue gradient and added that to the fractal I generated and then I tiled it

Then I had to think about which half to use and how to resize and crop this second stage !

Next post I will show you the next few edits ! I think you can see or guess where I went next?
I may reuse the bottom half for a different print !

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

@#$%^&* Google Image Search Images


Dear Google Many thanks NOT for  making it MORE difficult to find and share images !

Yes I realized EVENTUALLY I had to change the SETTINGS but your new settings are limiting what images I can share on my blog.

Occasionally I do art history posts and I was going for the Year of the Dog to do a theme search for the oldest known images of dogs and I was trying to find images from Arabian Rock Art.

Just imagine my delight when I discovered with the new Share Settings I can share to Twitter Facebook or email etc but I can not actually download an image for reuse on my blogs unless I use the non commercial usage setting which reduces the images I can easily download by 50% and oh no Arabian Rock Art showing dogs just camels lot sand lots of camels.

Thing is Google well Blogger which I use for blogging is one of your product range and apparently I can share to G+ but NOT my Blogs? Why. Oh could it be there's a chance I might earn some SMALL change via PayPal or some other tipjar app or via ADsense if the images are on my blogs which go to G+ anyway?

Thanks for making it more difficult for me to contribute to art history education!

and making me contemplate switching to BING or some other search engine ?

After years of using GOOGLE !!! AAAARGH