Wednesday, 23 May 2018


the MAY #patreon rewards are up!

I have done 3 also I may put up some more if I get some feedback or response ... comments pledges etc ...

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Wishes and Wingbones Four


#aviananatomy #wings #furcula #wishbone

So to finish this sequence there's a recap of diagrams showing why you need to think about avian anatomy when creating fantasy characters

ONE the major wing muscles attach to the keel and furcula

TWO this why birds have a pectoral girdle and narrow hips

THREE so if you were drawing a say cockatoo humanoid hybrid biped where would you place both wings and EXTRA collar bone or how would you change it ?

FOUR or if you modelled your winged biped on say a crane (photo above) with a longer narrower torso note how the long legs and neck probably counterbalance each other in flight and are not just so the crane can wade through wetlands ?

Your choice you can go on using the "but wah its MY fantasy !" excuse or you can create a way to have anatomically correct believable characters who could still be "cute" ?

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Wings and Wishbones and Bipeds

This old print shows a #bird #skeleton compared to a human one.

While its wasn't the original illustrator's intention it does show 
the problems of drawing a winged biped!

Number One is still where do the wing muscles attach?

Two If your character has arms and wings do they have two sets of furculas? 

THREE the neck is longer! So do they have a long curved neck?

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Wings and Wishbones Three

Lets look at just one species  the #Australian #sulphurcrestedcockatoo

the first diagram shows a bird perching with raised wings 
Note the large keel and again no scapula.

Now below is a photo of two local birds.

There's actually not that much size difference between the two. One just looks bigger simply cos its sitting up straighter and and has lengthened its neck and legs.

This shot shows what I call the walking stance. It was taken in summer and yeah the bg is overexposed but it does show a nearly "BIPED" stance.

So if you were drawing a cockatoo humanoid hybrid yes they can straighten their legs out longer as but they also squat down when perching so you could give them humanoid legs but note in the top diagram the position of the femur  ...

 ... but I just want to draw a sexy pinup anime bird with boobs ...

Sigh just try to remember the big chest is muscles attached to the "keel" .

Your humanoid avians can still have breasts if you insist but could you at least give them much larger muscles leading up from the furcula to the shoulders?
And don't forget they have longer more flexible necks than humans!

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Wings and Wishbones Two

#wings #aviananatomy #wingbones

let us consider the evolution of birds from Theropods

The Theropod has hardly any sternum and lacks a pronounced furcula or wishbone.

The Archaeopteryx has a furcula but no "Keel" however they were thought to be more gliders than fliers.

Finally a chicken. A distinctive furcula and a "keel" !

Note that they also lack scapulas shoulder bones.
The wing muscles attach to the sternum and wishbone.

Note how and where the muscles attach.

Consider this where would the wing muscles attach on a winged humanoid "biped" or quadroped  with six limbs? If you don't want to give them a pronounced "keel" or sternum do the flight muscles attach to the furcula instead? Or do you redesign the clavicle and scapula bones? 

No do not moan but its my fantasy and go back to drawing wings like they're pasted onto the back .
Next time more anatomy to study and please think about!

It took me half a hour to find a collection of images to share so why havn't you done that too?

I will be looking at the body stance of bird species that walk and climb or run so much as they fly.

Sunday, 6 May 2018


#anatomy #birds #wings #furcula #wishbone #illustration

This is a closeup of an illustration in an old Time-Life Science book in my personal collection about #birds . It shows the the bottom of the wing joint the keel bone and the wishbone or Furcula of a bird.

Many illustrators and artists when drawing winged bipeds disregard avian anatomy and when asked about it use its my style or fantasy or the clients fantasy as an excuse.

Now i'm not saying you should draw angels with a massive keel bone but if you're drawing some kind of winged biped hybrid or alien thats avian or modelled on an avian please please please just stop drawing wings like they're stuck onto the back. 

Yes birds have large pectorals attached to their keel bone but they do have muscles around that wing joint ! This diagram averages things out but over the next few posts I'll be showing you some reference images I've compiled. Meanwhile until the next post study these two images.

and yes I will be discussing the biped with wings issue ! 

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

ONE GIMP PATTERN transformed into ...

Sooo #Gimp comes with several Patterns and what what happens if you edit one ?

I filled a Background layer with the Leopard Skin Pattern

How to hide the tiling and make the s;potted pattern different and more interesting.

For a change I started with INVERT and then other filters

Three simple changes !