Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Anzac and Gallipoli Designs 2015

#Gallipoli #Anzac #Sydney #hornsby #Australia #newzealand #turkey #centenary#julievaux 

copyright julie vaux 2015

copyright julie vaux 2015 

I've created these new designs for the #Gallipoli Centenary and for #Anzac Day #2015 in addition to older designs up on #Redbubble.
Don't forget you can change the background color and styles for the tees and some of the other products

#copyright julie vaux 2015

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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Finding Crosses


#crosses #designproblems #christianart #easter

So Easter is coming and I'm racking my brain trying to PR my Anzac Easter and other designs on Red Bubble and Cafe Press and and trying to find a shortcut to create an interesting cross design.

So I need a background layer cos I'm thinking of doing a Celtic Cross and I create a sampler file a workspace of plus signs from various fonts thinking it would be a good starting ... like I can use node manipulation to turn the plus sign into a cross and have one solid shape but ...

I surveyed 40 different fonts that included plus signs  and most of them used the same glyphs you see to the left and top of this png !

Even many of the ornamental fonts had no crosses or plain shapes!

Okay so they are plus signs but the letter T t upper or lower case didnt work either  sans serif serif etc?

Back to the drawing pad to do what I should have in the first place do a drawing in pencil scan it and color over it or take the drawing break it up into separate repeatable units I can modify in Inkscape .... why all the bother ?

I want websafe colors and sometimes the colors in paintings  ...

Irk I doubt I'll finish a design suitable for sale but I hope I'll at least have an Easter card for friends and social media!

Meanwhile please enjoy and share Last years #Easter designs up on #CafePress