Tuesday, 24 May 2016

HELP THE ARTIST ! whose laptop has died !!!

People my laptop mother board has suddenly self immolated n I need a NEW laptop

You don't even have to give money! You can help by sharing my URLs for Red Bubble or Deviant although I certainly would welcome any donations to Paypal  as I'm between jobs at the moment and sales ...


Or you can use this link to Pay Pal since the widget seems to be broken

Pay Pal ME

Thank You if You choose to help.

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FREE Special day E-CARD

Due to other projects ill health and general business I have been neglecting doing birthday or other special event greetings on Social media for my friends.

This is a png file with a transparent Background. You can add your own background or color edit the text or whatever. Enjoy.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Possible Prize or Pattern

Did you read my Bargain Deal ? 

Regarding this file or its black and white outline original 
I am considering either posting the line version as downloadable pattern on ETSY  or offering this or something similar as the Freebie if I reach my goal.
See prior post!

Copyright Julie Vaux 2016

Thursday, 19 May 2016


#freebie #download #deal

Want a free print?

Here's the DEAL! 

I have a birthday next weekend BUT I also have a health fund / insurancepayment due and have only managed to save up about a quarter of the payment for that.
Now I have PAYPAL and I am also on RedBubble and DEVIANT


a) I get at least 500 dollars in donations to my Paypal account

b) 100 items of any type or price low or high sold from Red Bubble or Deviant or anywhere I have art online

I will offer a full size high resolution image say about 200 dpi or higher as a free download off my DEVIANT page

So is this a good deal? let me know and I'll post the links for Deviant and Paypal and also know me whether you want the download to be a flower photo or abstract or a pattern you can turn into a decal or something?

Best part of this offer. You don't even have to spend money!

If you help by SHARING this deal and a friend of a friend buys something you still benefit !

Plus if by some miracle I get enuff donations or earning to pay all my mid year health fund bill I'm also double my normal 10% of ALL sales donation to a local charity!

What do you think?

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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Working with White and a Tinge of Drop Shadow

#typography #gimp #dropshadow #white

Okay this looks bluer on the screen than the original is so if I was actually using these two techniques I might do another edit but I'm not fussed that this is NOT "pure" white ... its for a blog post ... it needs to show on a variety of screen sizes.

Sometimes you need to use white lettering on a pale background and while one could use a very pale stroke in Inkscape there are other methods.

The first two lines of text were font color white.

The two middle lines again white font color and then EMBOSS.

Finally I added just a little Drop Shadow on both sides.

This came out Blue but I could have just as easily used black or dark blue or red or any other color to make the white stand out.

Point is that if you are using a pale color for text a bit of drop shadow helps the lettering stand out?

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Australian Fashion Week 2016

Its #australianFashionWeek AGAIN

Folks Followers Friends Enemies

Support #Australian #Design whether its #hautcouture #readytowear or from #printondemand sites

So far I'm seeing a lot of coverage showing white and dark colors so here's a design that includes both


Next post back to our series on working with white though Zebra ripple is sort off related?

I may comment more on fashion Week after I've seem more coverage!

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Working with White TWO - Inkscape ideas

#Inkscape #workingwithwhite #white

Its a problem how to get pale white cream and ivory and similar tints to stand out. There's outline and changing the color and thickness of the Stroke but here is one other method. Try Changing an selected area of solid color to Blueprint. Don't freak out if the image disappears. Go to Darken Edges!

Another Idea for Inkscape

Yes I delibarately emphasized the gradient so the lettering has almost faded at one corner but I hope you see what I'm getting to - another method for creating tints and with a simple shift of the area the gradient covers moving the handles wof the gradient filed with the gradient tool  you could make it look like the lettering is rising up out of the white area or maybe do this with white out of a darker background? 

Finally don't forget Stroke in Inkscape can be change to ANY color. You can change most fonts to a White rather than Black outline or to White though with PURE White lettering I would suggest a bit of Drop Shadow?

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Working with White ONE

Working with White ONE

White is a splendid color for embroidery jewellery and various print patterns especially bold black and white ones geometric ones.

Copyright Julie Vaux 2016

This actually dates back to 2006 but this first design has been very productive of patterns.
I have applied various tilings to it including this one currently on Nephroid Mono at Red Bubble.
The link goes to a mans graphic tee but is also available on many other products!

Plenty of "white space" and Symmetry.

This tiles slightly differently on various products so you really should check out how it looks on other products like this travel-mug also scarves tote bags laptop skins and phone cases.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Some PHI Symbols

#phi #symbols #fonts 
This is one of my reference files for another Pretty Equations Project alas still unfinished. 
As a #typography or #design or #dtp project one has a choice of several fonts using this character either as a Greek letter or a Maths symbol. Hope this gives you some ideas. Mine seem to be stuck halfway. I may literally have to go back to the drawing board well drawing paper and start again from a pencil sketch and scan since what I'm made so far does not yet have sparkle glitter dazzle bling whatever !  

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