Thursday, 19 May 2016


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Want a free print?

Here's the DEAL! 

I have a birthday next weekend BUT I also have a health fund / insurancepayment due and have only managed to save up about a quarter of the payment for that.
Now I have PAYPAL and I am also on RedBubble and DEVIANT


a) I get at least 500 dollars in donations to my Paypal account

b) 100 items of any type or price low or high sold from Red Bubble or Deviant or anywhere I have art online

I will offer a full size high resolution image say about 200 dpi or higher as a free download off my DEVIANT page

So is this a good deal? let me know and I'll post the links for Deviant and Paypal and also know me whether you want the download to be a flower photo or abstract or a pattern you can turn into a decal or something?

Best part of this offer. You don't even have to spend money!

If you help by SHARING this deal and a friend of a friend buys something you still benefit !

Plus if by some miracle I get enuff donations or earning to pay all my mid year health fund bill I'm also double my normal 10% of ALL sales donation to a local charity!

What do you think?

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