Thursday, 12 May 2016

Working with White TWO - Inkscape ideas

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Its a problem how to get pale white cream and ivory and similar tints to stand out. There's outline and changing the color and thickness of the Stroke but here is one other method. Try Changing an selected area of solid color to Blueprint. Don't freak out if the image disappears. Go to Darken Edges!

Another Idea for Inkscape

Yes I delibarately emphasized the gradient so the lettering has almost faded at one corner but I hope you see what I'm getting to - another method for creating tints and with a simple shift of the area the gradient covers moving the handles wof the gradient filed with the gradient tool  you could make it look like the lettering is rising up out of the white area or maybe do this with white out of a darker background? 

Finally don't forget Stroke in Inkscape can be change to ANY color. You can change most fonts to a White rather than Black outline or to White though with PURE White lettering I would suggest a bit of Drop Shadow?