Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Working with White and a Tinge of Drop Shadow

#typography #gimp #dropshadow #white

Okay this looks bluer on the screen than the original is so if I was actually using these two techniques I might do another edit but I'm not fussed that this is NOT "pure" white ... its for a blog post ... it needs to show on a variety of screen sizes.

Sometimes you need to use white lettering on a pale background and while one could use a very pale stroke in Inkscape there are other methods.

The first two lines of text were font color white.

The two middle lines again white font color and then EMBOSS.

Finally I added just a little Drop Shadow on both sides.

This came out Blue but I could have just as easily used black or dark blue or red or any other color to make the white stand out.

Point is that if you are using a pale color for text a bit of drop shadow helps the lettering stand out?