Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Rain Sequence

#rain #digital painting #inkscape

Yes just THREE SVG OBJECTS created and edited in #Inkscape were used!

The #Hanzi for #rain with a color change and a gradient and texture filter.

Then a plain blue square for a background.

Move the hanzi over it and raise to to top and then I exported the misty hills object from a different work and duplicated it changed the size and color and finally flipped one copy and changed the color for a cloud on top.

Finally I will import this# png into #gimp Crop it do one final Color edit and then I may offer it as an reward on #Patreon.

Why not do it in Watercolor? Doing it as a digital painting means I can keep SVG Objects and reuse them in other works and by combining filters  I can have an effect that looks like wet into wet on paper but have it over a solid background! Or change the whole background if I want to redo  it!

I'll let you know when I put the final edit up on Patreon.