Friday, 11 September 2015

Why You Should Consider My printable pdf coloring book PLEASE

Why You Consider My PDF Coloring Book
% GREAT reasons
and a few other ones

but first ...

MY Coloring book on Etsy


ONE You control the PRINT  RUN NUMBERS

Print as many as you need and want

TWO You pick the PAGES

its a pdf you can control just one page or the lot

THREE You Pick the PAPER

Don't like the stock publishers use ?
You could insert heavier thicker paper in your printer?


Maybe you're a busy teacher parent or art therapist with no time to spend hours editing images ... well you'll find a good mix here

FIVE PROFITS go to the ARTIST not a big publishing company

and some lesser reasons.

We both save money $5 for a whole pdf even if you print pages is cheaper than 30 or 40 and if I issued these as individual pngs I would have to charge far more to guard my income against copyright theft.

Unique original Works

Supporting this issue will bring more

My planned issues for October so far include a star theme and another mixed issue

I think about other crafts

Since I include outlines and dotted outlines you can use these as patterns and inspirations for other crafts ... and just wait until you see the full color inspiration pages on the october issue!

So share the url