Sunday, 19 July 2015

Silent Listen Digital Calligraphy?

#digitaltypography #inkscape #typographicart #julievaux

Silent Listen and 2 Questions 

How long do you think this take to do in #inkscape and how long would it have taken in traditional media?

Can it be called #calligraphy if tis done with a #computer?

Copyright Julie Vaux 2015 
I'm very pleased with this design for a variety of reasons and a primary one is how it demonstrates ... well for me the advantages of #digital #typography using #vector #ojects in an #inkscape workspace.

It could be possible to do this as a piece of #typographicart or rather #calligraphy since part of it would have to be painted or airbrushed using watercolor ink sponges etc watersoluble crayon or pencil  but it would take hours or days including drying time.

By using #inkscape text changed to vector objects and filters I finished this in a couple of hours !

Also it works as conceptual art typographic art or dare I type "Calligraphy" ?

Oh its also available on #redbubble