Wednesday, 21 October 2015



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Two of these images also appear in my ebook Starry Starry Night which now available from #etsy


You can download and use this BG file !
But not the next two!

I created this in #gimp using a random generator and then editing the colors for a dark sky / nebula effect 

N.B. These next two images are copyright 

I next added stars using Supernova 

Copyright Julie Vaux 2015 

A bit too strong ... so back to Supernova adding blue stars with different radii n spoke settings ... and  some contrast too

Not a prefect digital painting and I can think of two or three more edits I could do but a good starter with dark areas for a title possibilities for cropping and more.

I have claimed copyright but feel free to download these for practice files and please consider taking a look at the VERY REASONABLY PRICED BOOK!