Friday, 16 October 2015

Reading is BOOKS and ALSO reading THIS!


Earlier this morning I came across a post on Google plus in which some one was complaining about being boring and reading not being a hobby.

So I've going to bump this but also discuss reading and design!

Just Read on Red bubble

Copyright Julie Vaux 2015 

I find it strange people who websurf claim they don't read because they prefer short posts and images to longer books, e-books or print?

You are reading even if you are web surfing for images because reading is pattern recognition. We call looking at comics and graphic novels reading! 
The earliest scripts like Egyptian hieroglyphs in their oldest form and Chinese Seal script or Sumerian cuneiform were largely pictographic because humans are visually orientated. However most scripts and writing systems evolve towards a mixed form including symbols for sounds or develop a parallel shorthand syllabary or abc  for writing sounds.

Even if you "write" using emojis you read as you perceive them! 

Then there's readability issues. Good design enhances readability. 

Myself I am not a brilliant typographer or calligrapher but I continually experiment to try to achieve a mixture of readability and beauty and being fascinated by scripts calligraphy and typography share things on this glyphika blog and also my jeevee-technozi blog!

So you are reading and maybe you should consider reading longer books too?

It's all patterns images glyphs letters forms READING!