Tuesday, 11 October 2016

October Wreath - work in progress

#autumn #colours #wreath #workinprogress

Not quite finished but I'm sharing it in case it gives you an 
"I can do this better" moment and to give you a look at the editing process.

I started with a very large letter O from the Penhurst font and added the Scatter leaves filter over a tonal gradient and then added the Lettering in a different font.

Ways I may change or redo this image.

A) different font for October ?
B) a few green leaves or a tinge of green at one edge 
C) maybe some Gimp drop shadow to the png to darken tones and edges?
D) should the wreath be wider? 
E) could I get greens into this by making a smaller green wreath inside the larger one?
F) change gradient to greens and reds?

So Shape Layout Color all need one extra edit.
And I still have to resize it for stickers or a tee?

Or change my mind discard the whole thing and do something completely different! Ah the joys of design! yes I was being ironic ...