Friday, 28 October 2016

MY laptop died !!! HERE's What I need and HOW you can HELP ASAP

MY laptop died and I had some lovely new work to share with you!

People NO good news to report while the shop managed to have my HD data the library security protocols block me from downloading on their terminals

I have a limited budget - under 500 dollars don't laugh ....the savings in my bank account are allocated to upcoming power and utility bills.

My minium needs for laptop or tablet

12 - 15 screen 

40 8 gb RAM 128 prefer higher memory will take lower
 if device compat capable of running Portable Apps suite 
via connection to HDD or USB 

USB port 

working chargeable battery 

Personal inspection and test of item before purchase

If you live near #Hornsby #nsw #australia or know someone who lives near there and has a near new computer please let them and me know ASAP

Also be aware I have checked what the current prices are for NEW versions of low cost or older models !!!

You can also help by pledging me (AND getting ART rewards) on #PATREON

or if 500 people gave me ONE dollar each via that would help too!