Friday, 9 September 2016

Awesome Autumn

Every #autumn (southern and northern) I get tempted to make yet another attempt to craft the perfect gradient of colors and tones that reflects the transition of leaves from dark green to fading to brown. I managed to get 4 tones on this one. I hope they're visible on your browser. Once again I have uploaded and noticed another change I could have made ...more reds???

This was made with a Uncial font in #inkscape then a gradient added with 4 color stops then exported as a #png to be shared here.

Next time I'm trying for 6 color stops.

The other problem is size how to get the color stops in the gradient showing on a large and small scale. I'm sure I could get 6 colors on a tee print size logo but the PR web version might only show 2 or 3!

Enjoy and try the technique for your self.