Friday, 22 July 2016


Want to tell people to follow #sdcc ? or #sdcc2016

Here's your choice of 2 pngs and a jpg to use and the story and how I made them and why I think the Gimp JPG works best!

This png was made in #inkscape 
I used Char font and added two layers of Flame and a Black Outline then exported to Gimp for a final crop. Its okay for twitter but ... lacks. I think its loud but not quite strong or bold enough despite the red?

So I tired again in #gimp with the same font but stronger reds and the Comics filter ... nope still not the best and for some reason  the letters are clearer at a smaller size though they seem clearer in the Chrome / Blogger browser then they did as icons in my Pictures folder? And now its too dark!

So lucky last a Gimp jpg with a different font

This is Verdana Bold with the same colors and filter

The lesson ? Resist the temptation to combine an ornament / fancy font with filters. Start with something plain and bold !

It may be I'm misjudging these and you prefer the 2 pngs?