Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Painterly Six

A demo of Six #inkscape filters useful for #digital #painting .

I started with a plain square in the closest color wheel setting to ultramarine blue. All fill No Stroke. Remember not to select Stroke.

Gouache gives an effect that to me suggests a heavy soak on pigment and water onto paper.

Watercolor looks like wet into wet technique but with more water and less pigment.

Inkblot similar to Gouache but a bit softer looser ? on edges?
and would blend well with canvas and other rougher texture filters.

Silk Carpet try this one with gradients!

Felt despite its name also looks like wet into wet using the brush to move pigment and lift some off whether you're using paper or canvas or board!

Don't forget to experiment with blending these with say the Blotting Paper or Rough Paper or Torn Edges filters! Enjoy!

Inkscapes capacity to use 2 or 3 or more filters over a bottom layer that you can redo or remove allows you to use pixels like paint! For some kinds of illustration and prints this is an advantage and a timesaver. For just do it for fun!