Monday, 20 June 2016

More Making Clouds

#clouds #rainclouds #inkscape #demo 
This is about 50% finished but finished enough to be a useful example?
I can think of at least 3 other edits I can do. Read on below the image.

Copyright Julie Vaux 2016
So what was my inspiration? I was thinking of the weather in Sydney and of Japanese book covers which require a space to be left on the right hand side and the top for kanji and kana. I created the clouds and the umbrella kanji separately and then joined them on one worksheet and added a couple of more filters.

I may have overdone the watercolor effect and need to add some shadow and seen in a different browser outside of Inkscape I can now see the clouds need another edit at the edges but I could also duplicate and flip the clouds and add a different color background or a landscape in the bottom layer so I'll be storing this image for future usage. I think also I'll look for a haiku that uses the words rain or umbrella in it. Enjoy.