Sunday, 5 June 2016

I am now on Patreon

Pledge My PATREON page !!!


Patreon Pledgers will get First Notice of any new uploads to Redbubble Deviant etc whehter the art is a feebie downloadable or a new RP design.

Also if I reach my target I will upload one FREE print  and if I exceed it an extra fee piece for every 100 dollars extra ! Yes a FREE high resolution image abstract photo useful BG texture

But you say I have to give you money ?
Hey instead of paying 50 for a print and one item for 5 you get a file you can do anything you want to !

Other reasons?
I need money for my health fund mid year payment

Patreon Pledges will hopefully help me with PRomo and provide a steady stream of income during low / no sales months

Don't like Patreon for some reason!

Consider PayPal

If I reach my target of 500 by the end of the month via Patreon Paypal or sales off Red bubble or Deviant I will put up a FREE print!

And if you are already in Patreon remember if I have more money I can help support you!