Monday, 18 January 2016

Machinery as Sculpture Two

#Machinery as #Sculpture  TWO

Consider ARMOUR particularly articulated plate armour.

Here it is in its most modern cgi sfx form with Mr Downey striking a very sculptural pose for a PR poster.

Hands up anyone who went to an Iron Man movie cos they loved the workshop and armor scenes and because they actually showed at least of the design and prototype process. Our tech isn't quite up to real life Iron man powered armour ... yet ...

Now for its ancestor late middle ages plate armor.

I've shown a relatively version. 

Plate armor for tourney was often etched and engraved and more ornate.

Note how the artist in metal the smith who made this armour had to co-ordinate all the parts and the harmony of the parts makes the armour beautiful to look at because it is functional a defensive machine yet also design and sculpture.
Sculpture you can move in?

The Japanese also had articulated armour.

I've chosen to just show a helmet because of the use of ornament.

Several moving parts and sections joined together.

The same also applies to Japanese swords which are one object but can be detached blade handle and sword guard.

Art for a deadly destructive or defensive purpose but still art.

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