Saturday, 23 January 2016

Machinery as Sculpture THREE LOOM

#machinery as #sculpture three #Looms and #textiles

Have you ever considered #weaving as a #sculputural process?

We think of a loom as a device for making 2nd flat textiles and forget its as much a #3d process as a modern 3d printer.

Think and look at how threads are set up on a loom especially for processes like ikat or brocade or tapestry.

Here's some images of looms for hand weaving with shuttles

Not a flat process is it? and the loom in itself is a beautiful thing?

Now for some modern powered looms.

DO they not have a certain grace of geometry?

Sculpture is not always a reductive process of carving AWAY!

Finally consider the punch cards used in Jacquard looms are the ancestors of the software codes that make desk or table top knitting or 3d printing machines possible?!