Saturday, 1 November 2014


Lets see if we can create some interesting  typographic art using the #chirho theme and #inkscape or #gimp or your digital software preference. Tag it #chirho or #chirhochallenge on Twitter FB Google plus or anywhere.

Look up ChiRho first.

Now you do not have to use Greek letters or Celtic Uncials unless you want to but please use a C or a Greek Chi x a H and an R or Rho?

Here's a couple of ideas I had !

These are COPYRIGHT even if they are just samples of design process.

Starting in #inkscape I created this.

Copyright Julie Vaux 2014

After exporting a png version to #gimp I added some drop shadow.

Copyright Julie Vaux 2014

I like the letter combo of the C and H  but that R needs work! Maybe darker or a different font? 

Back to the svg stage in Inkscape . I'll show you the next version in a few days!