Saturday, 16 November 2013

Discarded Designs


TV and other media sometimes gives the false impression one can whip up a design and finish it in a matter of minutes or hours never days or weeks.

Well yes sometimes one can be on a roll and get a design to finishing point in one day but I always try to leave the design for a day or two and come back and take one last look and THEN look at it on a number of browsers and sites.

Sometimes it looks great in Inkscape or Gimp but once I upload at a smaller or larger size to Facebook Google Plus or Twitter ro Red Bubble or CafePress or Deviant it looks different.

This series was inspired by 1 Corinthians 13 :13

Copyright Julie Vaux 2013 
Looks great expect for the little problem of the uncial t touching the i and making faith look like fath or fach on a small PR sized thumbnail

other alternatives I considered for this

Copyright Julie Vaux 2013
I may yet use this but on dark colored tee shirts only.

and this is me playing with filter combos

Copyright Julie Vaux 2013
Would work as a print on paper or an album or book cover but fabric ?

So finally I tweaked the letter spacing on the first design.

Hopefully it will now work at ALL sizes!

Copyright Julie Vaux 2013
I've probably over emphasized the initial L but if it draws your eye to the rest of the lettering ...?

This will be up on Voxy Visions