Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Pen and brush

More samples to consider.

I created this image in Inkscape and then changed it to a png for uploading to the blog.

Ugh I left an I  out of handwriting.

Now consider this though the scribes who created the uncial forms that American Uncial is based on cut and used their pens or quills at a different angle to those who developed the Italic scripts elegant derives from.

An ACTUAL handwritten version of the Bradley hand example could vary in shape depending on whether it was written with a reed pen or quill or metal nib and whether the nib was square cut or round or cut at an angle.

Brushed font well a "DRY" brush effect not a fully loaded really wet brush

Segoe that looks rather similar to modern felt tip liner pens?

Try an experiment type the same word in several font types and then write the word on a variety of pens or brushes, reed, metal nib, felt tip pen, lettering brush.

The letter shapes will vary.

Try it!?