Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Kamisaka SEKKA at AGNSW

the Art Gallery of NSW currently has an exhibition of works by Kamisaka SEKKA and other Rimpa artists.

Here's one of the many fine works on display which include fabric designs, lacquer, ceramics, screens, and prints as well as books and paintings.

The exhibition is on two levels. You have to buy youR tickets at the main lobby desk and then go downstairs and after viewing there upstairs again. There are escalators and lifts.

Enjoy viewing these works if you're in sydney from June to August 26 2012.

Do note the exhibition is briefly closed July 23 and 24 as some of the more fragile works have to go back into storage to be replaced by others but your ticket covers both shows so you can visit twice!

finally here's the cover of the catalogue: