Monday, 19 March 2012

A matter of A's



( you might need to save the images and clcik to enlarge them in some browsers?)

Raster versus Vector is less on an issue on a small scale but if you're doing posters or capitals you probably should do your lettering in a vector program even if you plan to import the file into another program depending on what filters and plugins you may be using for the final edit?

This first A is a png saved from a svg file created in Inkscape an Open Source Vector program.

(Hey I can't afford Illustrator and Open source programs are also far less of a processing hog
though I do have a tipjar if you want to help me buy a copy? )

Notice the crisp clear edges ?

Now here's another png file but created in a raster program GIMP

Though if I'ld made the A's much smaller you probably wouldnt have noticed the differences.

Finally here's a jpg converted from that png raster file

Still crisp and sharp but a jpg saved from the raster png isn't.

Try it yourself!

Why? Cos its the best way to test whether your fonts work at a larger size.

Likewise try testing ornamental fonts at smaller sizes too!

Probably its safest if you're creating lettering you want to use for both print small and large and the web also to make the first file 150 to 200 dpi unless you're doing a really really BIG object.