Monday, 5 March 2012

Kawaii and Miyabi poster for exhibition

Kawaii and Miyabi

Cuteness and Elegance in Japanese Design

I was looking of images of Cherry Blossom SAKURA to illustrate how Kanji are used in Layouts thinking this fits into this blog's theme however loosely because Cherry Blossom is a cultural symbol.

I found two very contrasting images.

Poster for show of Atomi paintings

This gorgeous poster as far as I can make out on the wierd translation of the website and my limited Japanese is for a show of late Rimpa ? Hasegawa ? style paintings by a Japanese woman painter called Atomi who was also famous for supporting women's education.

wonderful elegance layout that has yuugasa and miyabi and its just gorgeous!

however due to the large number of manga and anime pics online to find this image I also had to scroll thru a lot of images associated with a character called Sakurahime Princess Sakura .

It's extremely KAWAII and SHOJO and barely saved from being kitsch by the designers skilful use of cherry blossoms and a related color set in the background counter balancing the calligraphy to the right  and plainer text at the bottom.

If I understand the Wiki this was also created by a female artist?

It's not a manga / anime I'm very familiar with so if you are a Sakura fan accept my apology.

My idea of a shojo is more beautiful creative and brilliant Winfrey from Full Metal Alchemist.

Finally a example of Sakura rendered with elegance on a kimono possibly one of  the best and most beautiful way to display this national symbol?.

You're welcome to share other examples of Miyabi and Kawaii linked to Cherry Blossom!