Saturday, 2 September 2017

Artists Statues and Ethics Some Questions to Consider

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MY LIST of the ETHICAL QUESTIONS we should ask ourselves about this

Artist Designer or Sculptor

Whether you think Statues of Colonial Founders or Confederate Generals or other Public Figures should stay in place or be torn down HANDS UP if you have EVER thought AAARGH thats an ugly statue they could have done better.

However The REAL issues should be

to replace or contrast existing monuments

OTHER issues should be

Can we respectfully rephrase and change existing inscriptions to show that

One person or culture's Hero is Another's Villian?

Should we be creating monuments at all?

Are we creating a focus for memory or a propaganda image?

If the propaganda image is of a legend whoever it is has some artistic merit  should it remain in place?

Then there's the issue of whether we are creating an IDOL OR A ICON for those of us who follow certain theologies and creeds?

Is it a greater sin to leave certain statues standing or is it a respectful tribute to create an image?

Whether its Captain Cook Governor Macquarie Christopher Columbus Lenin Mao Robert E. LEE  Sherman or Grant an Amerind Chieftain Cecil Rhodes an Oppressed Native or some Sports Star
how do we honor them with art?