Monday, 7 August 2017

Pompadour by Boucher Some Comments

On top of everything else I nearly smashed my hand in a door but ... not my typing hand

okay double or triple glyphika this week if I have time to make up for the gaps in posting

so why a portrait of Madame Pompadour by Boucher ?

One) Pompadour was a patron of the arts who supported the creation of French porcelain amongst other things.

Two) This is a quite awesome portrait WHY?

A) great diagonal composition B) Exquisite color balance C) Hidden or not so hidden messages

The message is not in the medium (Oil Painting) but in the details.

Notice what it tells us about Madame Pompadour

She was a mistress of style and fashion who could make a pink and bluegreen floral dress with frills and truffles work and even look sexy. Think about that diagonal composition and the placement of the pink frills down the front.
Note how she is not only holding a book but the mirror BEHIND Her shows not an image of her admiring her own reflection but that the rest of her room  has more books in a cabinet and not a view of her bed and then theres the table next to her with the drawer open to show with a quill in an inkpot ready for use.

You can download this from multiple sources. Do study it carefully to learn more.