Friday, 17 February 2017

Raised Objects

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Here's 5 examples of how Filters create 3d illusions in #inkscape

The Object in the upper left hand corner is a fairly basic polygon/star with Fill and Stroke.

I duplicated that and added Filters

The strongest effect is the Neon Bevel Filter but it makes the color pinker and the color changes using  the Relief Print from the BUMP submenu.

On the Bottom row :

Using a Linear Gradient on the stroke and not the Fill makes the object look tilted in Inkscape but NOT in the Google Chrome browser.

Dark Emboss shifts the colors towards Magenta 

I rather the effect of Thick Acrylic Filter Perhaps with a different color it could create an eroded rust effect?

I'm going to test this with Fill and Stroke set for the same colors to see what happens.

Have fun and create textures with Inkscape! 

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