Saturday, 19 November 2016

PURPLE and Watercolor

Mixing the color purple with Water color.
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Mixing purple is just red plus blue ?
Well do you want a cool or warm purple ?
Dark or Light.

If you're only mixing a small amount I would take a mid cobalt blue or a bit or ultramarine and mix with a crimson or cadmium but start with the blue first and then mix in the blue?

However if you have a big project say a series of pictures using a lot of purple you could start with this?

This also applies if you are using acrylic !
Maybe you run out of a cool red but have blue.
You can mix a bit of watercolor paint into the acrylic !

#Dioxazine is a synthetic #pigment used in many paint brands.

Here's a useful illo though I would add white not gray.

Working with a digital palette? Use this as reference to plan and create a gradient or pick colors.

Don't forget you can work around the limited warm cool contrasts by placing layers of gradients over each other. 

I would suggest even when using Inkscape or Gimp you start with a strong mid blue and then move towards a darker or lighter tint or hue.

Working digitally has one advantage over water based media.

If the color looks wrong on the page you can use UNDO.
Also you don't have to spend as much time color mixing.
However some days color mixing can be soothing so its good to have both options: 
traditional and digital media.

P.S. with a strong pigment like dioxazine there's not much difference between Cotman and Artist Quality though do try to have if you can afford it Artist Quality French Ultramarine.
Personally I have Cotmans and Artists Quality Ultramarine plus both Cobalt and Cerulean Blue and Indigo but I use them a lot! For Reds I have Rose and Alizarin Crimson and Windsor Red.

Paint costs money! Yes! But good watercolor paint goes a long way.

Look for end of year specials and discounts when companies rebrand and redo packaging!