Saturday, 5 April 2014

Shift and Ripple

This blogs posting frequency will be reduced to once a week due to my arm fracture. Folk you're only getting one today cos I had material prepared!

While fortunately we have Medicare in Australia I will be unable to work or work much at anything  for three weeks at least since essentially I'm one armed since the fracture is radial and I have an immobilizing sling on my right arm.

Okay here's two before and after shots.

The first is a web version of a poster on Red Bubble.

The second image is recent redo in which I added Shift and Ripple to the original.

I may upload the second later this week since thats a command I can enter one handed. Its just the pain is very distracting even with meds just wiggling my fingers to keep the circulation going.

Shift and Ripple are Gimp filters!

copyright julie vaux 2014 

now don't forget to zoom in for the fine detail!

differences may be less obvious on a small screen!

copyright julie vaux 2014 
there must be some minor coding differences cos my chrome laptop browser shows a darker bg in the laptop and in gimp  but you get the general idea of how shift and ripple can combine?

enjoy the technique idea and be inspired to do better than me!