Monday, 18 March 2013

But I like playing with letters and why!

copyright julie vaux 2013

Some one was commenting negatively on my tee shirts designs though that person does seem to prefer mashup style tees anyway! This is my reply.

This blog is mostly about letters sometimes my typographic designs, sometimes other peoples, and sometimes I look at books and manuscripts and non roman scripts, and sometimes I just PR my own work.

I am not a brilliant typographer but I do like playing with letters and filter combinations in Inkscape and Gimp. Notice the word PLAYING.

I sometimes show the results of this playing and EXPERIMENTING cos I think the filter combos might give other people ideas for doing something better with the same techniques. That's called SHARING

Yes some of these results only work digitally but with more and more art work appearing in digital contexts ... 

I don't mind if you're thinking I can do better ... but don't condemn my playfulness solely cos you have a strong preference for media mashups over other design styles.

Myself I'm hoping by accident or intent to create some letter art thats meaning with a message and also beautiful but sometiems I just play around and do do irony ... like my gibberish design on Red Bubble.

Finally did any of you notice technically I have not broken the stick to a few colors fonts rule?

Maybe I should make this a tee even if it only appeals to typographers and typophiles?