Saturday, 29 September 2012

Book of Hours Two

Book of Hours Two

Gothic Script in context

I have wondered lately why most of the best illuminated manuscripts were produced in workshops in France and Flanders and i suspect the answer is WAR.

The Wars and Revolts in England and the Hundred years War between England and France was probably a factor.

England had thriving workshops in the 12th and 13th centuries and the major workshops in France and Flanders were not in areas effected directly by the wars.

Plus a book of hours was a small portable item easy to pack and move unlike a church fresco or mosaic or a stained glass window.

This  particular Book of Hours was produced in Bruges which is now part of Belgium. The illumined sections are restrained and elegant.

Contrast this image with my previous post on the Bedford Hours.

This Book of Hours is called the Arnhem Book of hours.

Holland was still part of Flanders.

Note the use of white space in both books and the balance of the framing ornaments to the text sections and illustrations. Enjoy!

In the Next post I'll look at some French works.